Frequent Seizures Can Be a Sign of Epilepsy

The neurologist at Sari Asih Hospital, Serang explained the cause of the seizures

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA – In everyday life, we may have seen someone, be it an adult or a child, having sudden seizures and then falling. The strange thing is that foam is coming out of his mouth like poisoning.

Many think that what happened to him was an extraordinary event and a little strange. Until in the end many ordinary people find it difficult to do anything that can help him other than waiting for a kind person to take him to the hospital.

This rare phenomenon should be recorded immediately to make it easier for the medical team to diagnose the cause and decide what disease he is suffering from. Neurologist Sari Asih Hospital Serang, Enny Waeningsih, confirmed the action.

Seizures in adults and or children can be caused by other things. However, according to Enny, if the incident is repeated within a year, it can be said that it is epilepsy or what is commonly called epilepsy. Epilepsy or epilepsy is an electrical disorder of the brain that causes seizures. A person can be said to have epilepsy if they experience seizures more than twice in one year or repeat in one year.

“Epilepsy does not need to be overestimated to be scary and even a disgrace. Epilepsy can be cured perfectly,” said Enny.

According to him, the condition of epilepsy is not only seizures but many forms. For example, such as suddenly blank stares, falling limp, chronic recurring headaches, and fainting. “Seizures in epilepsy don’t have to just produce foam in the mouth and don’t have to be unconscious,” he said.

Enny emphasized that epilepsy is not a hereditary disease. This occurs because of a disturbance in the nervous system of the brain which can be caused by a stroke, brain infection, meningitis, brain tumor, severe head trauma, immunological disorders such as lupus, cancer, or tumors. “In children, seizures can occur due to fever, not including epilepsy. But if it happens again and again, it needs to be checked further,” he explained.

The first treatment in the field can also be done by immediately moving the seizure person to a safe place. Loosen the collar of the shirt to make it easier to breathe. Tilt the body so that if vomiting occurs, the vomit is not swallowed and choked in the throat which can stop breathing and enter the lungs.

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