Frequent floods, it turns out that a simple house was built on irrigated land

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.comHousing simple often experience flood because it’s built on land irrigation.

President Director of the Center for Housing Financing Fund Management (PPDPP) of the Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR) Arief Sabaruddin said this in a webinar, Wednesday (17/3/2021).

“Very ironic, yes, this (there is) development housing on top area with irrigation, “said Arief.

Indeed, development irrigation network serves to irrigate an area that lacks water.

The construction of this irrigation network was built by the Directorate General (Ditjen) Water resources (SDA) Ministry of PUPR.

Meanwhile, network drainage serves to drain or remove excess water in an area.

According to Arief, from that only developer that builds home simple is misleading.

So that the incident does not happen again, PPDPP Ministry of PUPR launched a Monitoring System application Construction (SiPetruk).

“So that things like this (flooding), I think in the future through the SiPetruk application, we will start trying to reorganize it,” concluded Arief.

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For information, the SiPetruk application serves to speed up the supply process occupancy.

SiPetruk will later be integrated with a system that has been developed previously, namely, the Housing Subsidized KPR information system (SiKasep) and the Collection Information System Developer (SiKumbang).

In developing this system, PPDPP collaborates with the Construction Services Development Agency (LPJK) with a partnership concept from Construction Management (MK) who checked directly on field.

Technically, the Constitutional Court will visit the field in accordance with the submission of inspection from housing developers.

The MK will be guided by siteplan digital applications submitted by the developers through the SiKumbang application.

Thus, the developers no longer need to prepare a building supervisory team.

The developer only needs to provide notifications in the SiPetruk application regarding the house that is being built to continue to be monitored for a period of 3 months.

From the examination, the Constitutional Court will provide an assessment report that is directly linked by the PPDPP system.

If it is declared suitable for habitation, the list of houses will appear in SiKasep automatically. to be sold to Low Income Communities (MBR).

The existence of SiPetruk aims to ensure that every residence built by the developer is in accordance with the provisions set by the Government.



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