French start-up Neobrain acquires American company Flashbrand to expand its talent management platform in the United States

In the Digital HR sector, a French start-up has just acquired an American company. In that sense, it’s rare enough to note it.

This is Neobrain, a French start-up that has been developing a SaaS talent and skills management platform since 2018 to help key accounts develop their workforce. It has 120 clients, including SafranNatixis or even Bosch and boasts 700,000 monthly users in 80 countries and 17 languages.

Heading for the United States

One year after raising 20 million euros in series A and a few months after the launch of its product in Germany, the start-up announces that it has acquired Flashbrand, an American company specializing in the continuous optimization of performance and employee engagement. This is its second acquisition in 8 months after the French WiserSkills.

The operation allows it to establish itself concretely in UNITED STATES, where Neobrain claims to have already conquered large groups and placed a team. Its 140 employees are now divided between Paris, Frankfurt, Lisbon, New York and San Francisco.

Measure employee performance and engagement

The Neobrain platform presents a mapping of profiles and skills resources available within a company. It has so far included talent management and strategic workforce planning.

The takeover allows the French company to enrich its service offering by integrating Flashbrand’s solution, which focuses on performance and commitment. It includes the monitoring of objectives, evaluation interviews, the analysis of employee satisfaction and the “people review”, i.e. the setting up of individual appointments allowing the HR departments to measure the commitment of their employees. , to understand their aspirations and to detect high potentials.

Flashbrand provides mobile app

On the other hand, Flashbrand improves the accessibility of Neobrain’s solutions by providing it with a mobile application.

The founder of Flashbrand, Denis Descause, is promoted CPO of Neobrain and takes the head of the American subsidiary of the group. “The merger of Flashbrand and Neobrain gives birth to a new generation of solution centered on the collaborator and augmented by artificial intelligence. Never had HR had such strategic data to guide their action“, he boasts.

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