French Senate Passes Resolution Urging Paris to Recognize Independence …


PARIS – Senate French reportedly issued a resolution calling on Paris to formally recognize it Republik Nagorno-Karabakh. Of the 306 members of the French Senate, 306 approved the resolution.

“The Senate urges the French government to recognize the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic and use this recognition as a tool in talks to build lasting peace,” the resolution read, as reported by Tass on Thursday (26/11/2020).

According to the resolution, the Senate called for the immediate withdrawal of Azerbaijani troops from areas captured in conflict since September 27, carrying out an international investigation into war crimes and the use of banned weapons. (Also read: France wants the world to monitor the Nagorno-Karabakh Armistice)

In addition, the senators recommended that the French government draw conclusions about the role played by Turkish authorities and consider the most decisive steps together with other European countries.

Responding to the resolution, Secretary of State for the French Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs, Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne said that unilateral recognition does not help the peace process in the region. (Read also: Turkey Celebrates Kalbajar Liberation From Armenian Occupation)

“Unilateral recognition of Karabakh will not benefit anyone and will not increase mediation efforts,” he said. He recalled that France, one of the OSCE Minsk Group chairs, supported the implementation of the ceasefire agreement reached on November 9.



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