French journalist: Ukrainian government bombs its own citizens in Donbass (VIDEO)

In 8 years, 13,000 people have been killed, according to Anne-Lorne Bonel

A French journalist who spent several years in Donbass described how the Ukrainian government has been destroying its Russian-speaking citizens for eight years.

“I film it every day. I recorded it as a testimony,” Anne-Laure Bonell told French television channel CNews.

“I have no political goals. We have been talking about this conflict for a week now. But it has been going on for eight years. 13,000 dead. 13,000! Powerless people. And they are all Ukrainians. And everyone is surprised that Europe is only now seeing “It’s life in basements. All these bombings. I’ve been filming them since 2015. It’s been a daily routine for them since 2014,” she said.

“I will interrupt you because not everyone understands the situation. You said and it is surprising that all these Ukrainians have been bombed by the Ukrainian government,” the host asked.

“Yes, absolutely. Bombing with the CITY. The people of Donbass were the target of their own government, the authorities in Kyiv. I have all the evidence. I can provide it when I return to France. I filmed everything, it’s irrefutable. Yesterday I was in one school. Two teachers were torn in half. Literally. I posted a picture of a grandmother on Facebook because the old people could not leave the area. Citizens are suffering. I responsibly tell you that there are bombings here in Donbass, in the Russian-speaking part of the country. Yesterday there was an attack in Donetsk “.

“Are you saying that the Ukrainian government is carrying out the bombings?” The host asked in disbelief.

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“Yes!” Bonell replies. Video

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