French Cup. Vire finally qualified at the expense of SM Caen, eliminated on the green carpet?

Stade Malherbe Caen, winners of AF Virois (3-0) on Wednesday December 21, in the eighth round of the Coupe de France, could have lost the match on the green carpet. According to Ouest-France, the Ligue 2 club was likely to field a suspended player.

It looks like we are heading for another incredible twist in this eighth round of the Coupe de France between AF Virois and SM Caen. After two postponements, due to a scam around a provisional grandstand, then due to frozen ground, a transfer to Ornano, the match, easily won by Caen (3-0), could finally turn in Vire’s favour.

Blame for a sensational mistake by the weed company that would have aligned a player disqualified a priori on the scoresheet, then on the ground: Dieudonné Gaucho Debohi. Substituting for the kick-off, the Ivorian immediately entered the field, from the 13th minute, in place of the young Noé Lebreton.

However, it shouldn’t even have appeared on the scoresheet. Guilty of picking up three yellow cards in less than ten matches for the reserves, Debohi faced a one-match ban. Which he did, and more than twice as he missed out on his last two N2 matches against Saint-Pryvé-Saint-Hilaire and Châteaubriant.

The problem in this specific case is that, according to the regulation, a player disqualified with the reserve team must serve this disqualification with his usual team, but also with the professional team. However, due to the World Cup lull, SM Caen’s flag team did not play any official matches. Dieudonné Debohi shouldn’t have played against Vire.

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This terrible mistake could cost Stade Malherbe dearly, which would have to lose the match on the green carpet and see their qualification canceled… in favor of Vire, who despite the 3-0 defeat could therefore face Nantes, in the 32nd final of the end week. end 7 and 8 January. An incredible reversal of scenario for the Calvados amateur club, which has experienced many setbacks in this story so far.

Side Malherbe, this huge mistake recalls the sad episode of Longuenesse. In January 2006, the Normandy club won 4-0 in the North during the 32nd Coupe de France final, before losing on the green carpet. By that time, Franck Dumas had largely rotated his workforce. Only six players had been fielded who had taken part in the previous league match despite the regulations stipulating that there be at least seven.

One difference, however, between the cans of Longuenesse and that of Vire, is that the northern club had filed a complaint before the meeting. According to our information, AF Virois did not do it this Wednesday in Ornano. However, the FFF could decide themselves on the disqualification of SM Caen. Response in the next few days.

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