French Cup. The five biggest surprises of the 8th round. Sport

The charm of thea French Cup always works. The competition again offered several surprises this weekend with the qualification of some amateur clubs against professional training.

Success that opens the doors to the 32nd finals where the possibility of meeting the Ligue 1 clubs, which are entering the competition, is great. Overview of the five biggest surprises of the 8th round.

Andrézieux (N2) – Grenoble (Ligue 2): 3-0

Surely the biggest sensation of the weekend. Andrézieux made short work of Grenoble on Saturday afternoon by winning 3-0 against the 10th in Ligue 2. The captain of the National 2 club, Clément Cabaton showed the way by scoring a header goal in the 23rd minute on a free kick from Pierre Nouvel. The Loire club then took shelter after half an hour of play thanks to Eric Mathieu who made the nets tremble closely. It was again he who came to seal the score shortly before the end of regulation time with a superb strike under the bar at 20 meters (86th).

After their magnificent run in 2019 which saw them leave Olympique de Marseille in the round of 16, Andrézieux will therefore still have the opportunity to make an impression in the following round. The meeting was unfortunately punctuated by clashes between supporters from Grenoble and Saint-Etienne. Le Progrès reports that glass bottles and smoke bombs were exchanged, one of which arrived in a car with the window open.

Cannet-Rocheville (N3) exits Bastia-Borgo (N): 1-1 (4-1 victory at TAB)

ES Cannet-Rocheville had already achieved a historic route by reaching the 8th lap for the first time in its history. Suffice to say that the Riviera club marks even more spirits by reaching the 32nd finals. They had opened the scoring at the half hour mark before being equalized in stride. Farid Tabet’s players had to wait for the penalty shootout to gain the upper hand over Bastia-Borgo, which is playing in the National. Goalkeeper François Squarcioni showed his qualities on penalties by repelling a Corsican shot. A habit for him since he had already rejected shots on goal in the third round against Saint-Maximin and in the fourth against Barbentane.

Cannes (N3) – Rodez (Ligue 2): 1-1 (3-2 victory at TAB)

A second French amateur club will see the 32nd finals since AS Cannes resisted Rodez, a resident of Ligue 2 to finally take the best during the penalty shootout. The players of Jean-Noël Cabezas have shown great solidarity and have not given up to fill the deficit of three divisions. The Ruthenians had yet opened the scoring by striker Florian David in the 21st minute.

The Cannois were able to react quickly by equalizing in the 32nd minute on a marvelous volley from Desmartin. The score will not move and goalkeeper Verplanck will be decisive during the penalty shootout by repelling two shots. This historic club of French football, where Zinedine Zidane has notably played, will therefore have the opportunity to find the spotlight in the next round by playing an elite club.

Panazol (R2) – Angoulème (N2): 1-1 (5-4 victory at TAB)

“Who does not jump is not Panazolais! “ The public of Haute-Vienne was in joy Sunday to celebrate the qualification of his team in the 32nd finals of the Coupe de France. At the sound of the fog horns, the Regional 2 club managed to get Angoulême (N2) out after the penalty shootout. The locals can thank their goalkeeper who relaxed on his right to take out the last penalty from Angoulême.

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His teammates then finished the work and the field was quickly invaded by the public descended from the stands.

Previously, the Panazolais had led the score for a long time but were caught with a quarter of an hour from the end by Diakité. “No words to describe this evening the feelings that cross the hearts and minds of Pan-Azolese football fans, reacted the town hall. This thanks to the work and courage of its players. To their solidarity. And listening to them from a charismatic and passionate coach. Envy and passion pay off. May the draw allow us to cross the path of the stars. “ It could be against a Ligue 1 club.

Chauvigny (N3) – Le Havre (Ligue 2): 0-0 (4-3 at TAB)

It’s a hell of a blow that the players of Chauvigny have achieved. However, we did not give very dear of their skin against Le Havre, sixth in Ligue 2. 30 kilometers from their usual stadium, not approved for hosting a professional club, the formation of National 2 has shown solidarity defensively to make the Havre doubtful and pull off a decisive penalty shootout. They can in particular draw a proud candle to their goalkeeper Julien Caillaud, decisive on numerous occasions in front of the opposing attackers.

During the session, Normand Boutaïb missed the first shot on goal of his team, as did Nolan Mbemba on the last attempt. Opposite, the Chauvinois were lucid so as not to miss a single one of their shots and then exult. After the scalp of a Ligue 2, the next step could be that of a Ligue 1. Response during the draw this Monday evening.



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