French Cup: Monaco easy winner of Saint-Pryvé – Saint-Hilaire (N 2) – Foot – Coupe

Very early on, we understood that it would be much more complicated for Saint-Pryvé – Saint-Hilaire against Monaco than against Toulouse (1-0), in the previous round.

The National 2 players were never able to repeat their feat of the 32nd finals of this Coupe de France.

Dominated from the start, they dropped too quickly and their defense of five could not do anything to thwart the opposing offensives. Captain Stevan Jovetic, after two first attempts (2nd, 4th), took over the free kick from Alexandre Golovine and the intervention of the goalkeeper Charles-Henri Châtelin benefited Keita Baldé (11th).

The Senegalese then benefited from the service of Wissam Ben Yedder to score a double, with an empty goal (11th) … as in the 32nd finals, against Reims (2-1). Then, Ben Yedder, after being countered in the area (22nd), also scored, served by Ruben Aguilar (36th).

The second period was more consistent for the young, who were rewarded by reducing the score, after a new scare (post by Jean-Kévin Augustin, 58th). Carnejy Antoine, hero against the TFC, first stumbled on Benjamin Lecomte (68th), before taking advantage of the service of Quentin Moutiapoulle, to score the lead (82nd).

On arrival, very logically, it is Monaco which will host Saint-Etienne, in the round of 16 of this Coupe de France, on Tuesday 28 or Wednesday 29 January.



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