Freiburg: From June 16: Engelbergerstraße in Freiburg will be renovated and barrier-free redesigned – sections closed until November

After the sewer construction work is finished, the city administration will renovate the carriageway on Engelbergerstrasse between Eschholzstrasse and Wentzingerstrasse from Tuesday, June 16. The intersections of the street to Grete-Borgmann-Straße, Klarastraße and Wentzingerstraße are also paved.

In the course of this, the garden and civil engineering office is also redesigning the Engelbergerstrasse barrier-free: at the intersection with Eschholzstrasse, the office is installing guide plates for the blind at the road crossings and renewing the traffic lights. In the future, visually impaired people will receive acoustic signals at all four transitions. In addition, the curbs are lowered to be wheelchair accessible. Likewise, the transition from the shopping center (Edeka) to the Stühlinger Kirchplatz for traffic safety will be narrowed and redesigned to be barrier-free.

All construction work begins at the crossroads between Eschholzstrasse and Engelbergerstrasse and is divided into seven construction sections up to Wentzingerstrasse. These are fully blocked during the work. A diversion for car and bicycle traffic is signposted, pedestrians are guided past the construction site. The work is expected to last until the end of November and cost around one million euros.

The garden and civil engineering office asks for understanding of the traffic restrictions. Further information on current construction sites is available on the Internet at

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