Freiburg-Ebnet: Father saves child from the Eschbach in Freiburg-Ebnet – unharmed despite strong currents!

At 11.26 a.m., a passer-by reported a water rescue operation on the Eschbach in Freiburg-Ebnet via the Europe-wide emergency number 112 of the integrated control center Freiburg-Breisgau-Hochschwarzwald.

It was reported that a child fell into the creek and that his father had also climbed into the creek to rescue him. The stream had a strong current and flows into the Dreisam.

Thereupon the fire brigade in Freiburg was alerted with the keyword “water rescue 3”. Fortunately, after a short time, the news came over the phone that the child had been saved by the father. The child was examined by the emergency doctor, after initial findings it came
no personal injury.

The mission for the Freiburg fire brigade could thus be canceled.

Current information from the Freiburg fire brigade: In this context, particular caution is required on streams with strong currents, especially the bank area is slippery with a closed snow cover

The same is true for frozen lakes. Entering the ice surfaces is life-threatening.

(Info: Office for Fire and Disaster Protection Freiburg)

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