Free will ensemble “Strong Wives” publishes its first video

The author of the song’s music is Igeta Ozoliņa, the director of “Stipro sievu”, while folk songs have been used for the lyrics.

«I created the video idea together with Dagmārs Bārbalis and Krišjānis Pleiko, creating a story about the solar cycle and eternal values ​​- the life message of our ancestors, its transmission from generation to generation. The action of the video story takes place in a forest where simple and deep messages are revealed: heather as a symbol of eternity, ferns – a symbol of Mystery of Midsummer, roots – ancestral wisdom, mountain climbing – purposefulness and pursuit of knowledge and understanding, bare feet hair and bee weaving – the power of the feminine world, the wreath – the spiritual dimension, “says Igeta, adding that the role of the sun’s daughter – eleven-year-old Helma Elvira Križevica – reads a lot every day, participates in folklore group” Krulla “, plays the violin and is an excellent storyteller , together with his father and brother play in the family ensemble “Križevic band-a”. “And thank you very much for your support of MEP Dace Melbarde!” adds Ozolina.

The song was recorded in the studio “Lauska”; sound director – Kaspars Bārbals, video operator and editing artist is Krišjānis Pleiko, assistant cameraman and field director – Dagmāra Bārbale. The instrumental accompaniment was recorded by the ethno-pleasure group «Ogas». Author of “Strong Wives” costumes – Inese Mailīte, make-up – Inese Kalva. “Strong Wives” from Riga and Liepaja participated in the creation of the video version of the song (this branch was established in 2019).

The free will ensemble “Strong Wives” was founded seven years ago – in the summer of 2013 in the summer camp of the Music and Art Festival “Pictures”. Initially, it worked as a one-summer project, only starting regular rehearsals in the autumn / winter 2015 season. The original name “Free Will Ensemble” allows for a variety of repertoire and stylistics. The term free will also refers to the needs of each participant to work in this composition: for others it is singing for pleasure, for others – the desire to perform regularly, for others the desire to participate only in certain events, »says Igeta Ozoliņa.

The repertoire of “Strong Wives” includes folk songs and so-called modern power songs, as well as original music. According to the head of the ensemble, the goal of “Strong Wives” is self-expression in a narrower and broader sense: “People who share similar values ​​and interests, for whom singing is a hobby, a long-cherished dream, courage and enjoying the atmosphere of free will – unforced activity type. “

Representatives of various industries participate in the ensemble: artists, civil servants, journalists, teachers, business representatives. Repertoire is created by discussing together whether people like a particular song or not. “Everyone can come with their own song. When a song is selected, its content, message are explored, the language of symbols is revealed, and the participants’ thoughts on the lyrics and semantics of the musical language are heard. Once the content is understood, the melody is mastered, a joint arrangement is made, allowing everyone to choose what they want and can sing. Basically the participant does not know the notes, it is sung after hearing. The songs are recorded on the phone during the rehearsal, then put into a shared chat, from which you can learn until the next rehearsal. Original versions of songs are also included, if available on Youtube. Authors of original songs – Uldis Marhilevičs, Raimonds Tiguls, Valts Pūce are invited to the classes. He works with the author, receiving direct instructions on how the music would be better performed. From time to time, lecturers are invited to the “Strong Wife” rehearsals, who help to reveal issues of interest to people. Mārtiņš Boiko, Valdis Muktupāvels, and Inese Krūmiņa have visited the “Strong Wives” several times. “Wives” receives the most up-to-date information from the manager’s studies in the Department of Ethnomusicology. One of the most serious processes is working with “Wives” as personalities so that they reveal themselves on the stage exactly as they are. During the performance, we avoided the artificiality and manner of making the ensemble, emphasizing the revelation of different characters and the charm of each participant’s personality. When singing, natural materials are used – sticks, stones, bath brooms, St. John’s wort, as well as wooden spoons, gloves, loudspeakers. “Strong Wives” often performs together with the ethno-pleasure group “Berries”.

The ensemble regularly performs at the festivals “Pictures”, “Green Stars”, “Gaviles”, “Good Nature”, at the World Music Festival in Tiguļkalns, conducted the Solstice for compatriots in Bonn, here in Latvia – Gulbene, Pokaiņi, Jūrkalne, Ādaži; participates in the White Tablecloth Festival, national holiday events, Līva Village Festival, Zemgale Festival in Tērvete, Sigulda, Open-Air Museum, has given concerts in Eslingen and Frankfurt, this year’s national festival on November 18 will give concerts in Brussels, European Parliament. “Strong Wives” has a tradition of celebrating the Winter Solstice with families and celebrating Meten with a concert.

“Our most important task in concerts is to reveal the content of songs, message, also involving listeners, spectators, creating a sense of belonging and working together. Naturalness and revelation of the content of the song, true emotions in it – these are the main principles of “Strong Wives”.

In 2019, “Strong Wives” released their studio album “Strong Wives”.

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