Free PS Plus game causes angry reactions from players

Before the PlayStation 5 came out, Sony promised that every month with PS Plus, a PS5 game would be added to the collection for free. That’s a big promise, because many PS5 games are only available for full price. To get them for free via PS Plus, that’s a very attractive deal.

It now only seems that Sony has cut itself in the fingers. Get PlayStation Plus Subscribers for December 2021 namely the PS5 and PS4 game Godfall at their disposal, but this is the Challenger Edition. That initially seemed to be an improved version, but nothing turns out to be less true.

Through the PlayStation Blog Sony has announced what is in this version and that only shows the endgame to be content. The entire single player story where players can learn the ropes and create their own build being able to make has been completely demolished. Players feel betrayed with this very stripped-down version. That causes lots of angry comments on social media.

Also free via the Epic Games Store

To make matters worse, Godfall Challenger Edition will also be given away for free via the Epic Games Store. And for that, players do not need a monthly subscription and can continue to play the game forever. It’s not the first time the Epic Games Store giving away free games, but this time the timing is off.


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