Free HPV Vaccination for Young Adults: Register Now Before Costing You €187

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Young people between the ages of 18 and 26 who want to get a free double HPV vaccination against the carcinogenic human papillomavirus this year can only register for this at the GGD Hollands Noorden this month.

Through the ‘Don’t miss it!’ the health service for sixteen municipalities in Noord-Holland Noord draws young adults’ attention to this. Otherwise, the shot will cost them money, 187 euros each time. There must be at least six months between the two vaccinations.

Catching up

The GGD started catching up at the beginning of this year. Since 2010, girls have been invited for an HPV vaccination in the year they turn 10, for boys this is only since 2022.

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Almost 7,000 of the more than 47,500 teenagers and people in their twenties in this region, who were approached by letter this year via the RIVM (National Institute for Public Health and the Environment) to make an appointment with the health service, have made use of this option.

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The GGD calls on those who have not yet received injections to do so. HPV is a contagious virus, which mainly spreads through sexual contact. Eight out of ten people become infected one or more times in their lives.

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In 10 to 20 percent of these cases, cancer develops in the cervix, penis, vagina, labia, but also in the mouth/pharynx or anus. It can take years for this to manifest itself. About 1100 women and 400 men develop HPV-related cancer each year.

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For more information: see You can make an appointment online ( or by calling 0800-1608.

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