Free Framing Britney, the New York Times documentary that moves the United States

DECRYPTION – Singer Britney Spears is at the center of a shocking documentary that has a special resonance on the American continent and around the world.

This is the documentary that everyone is talking about across the Atlantic. Its name holds in three words: Free Framing Britney. Produced by the New York Times and unveiled by the American channel FX and the Hulu platform on February 5, this film of just over an hour looks back on the supervision of Britney Spears, reviewing the meteoric rise of the star, from her beginnings to Mickey Mouse Club to the explosion of the career with …Baby One More Time, then his descent into hell after his marriage to Kevin Federline and the birth of their two sons.

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What drove the New York Times to be interested in the singer now aged 39? The #FreeBritney movement, Free Britney in French, launched by fans of the pop singer who wonder why their idol is still under guardianship. Since 2008, Jamie Spears, the artist’s father, has controlled and managed his professional career, schedule and fortune estimated at $ 60 million.

It was after her daughter’s freaking out in 2007, when Britney Spears shaved her head and lost custody of her children, that Jamie Spears became her guardian. If thanks to him, the interpreter of Toxic returned to the front of the stage and signed juicy contracts – a residence in Las Vegas in particular – fans now believe that the ex- “fiancé of America” ​​no longer needs this surveillance . For them, the photos and videos of the star on Instagram, with subliminal captions, prove that she is being held against her will. The cancellation of his concerts overnight two years ago had alerted them. The defense of the star to demand the repeal of her tutelage where she confesses “to be afraid of his father»Confirmed their intimate conviction.

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The film also points to the harassment of which Britney Spears has been the victim since its inception, mainly from the paparazzi, but also from Justin Timberlake, her ex-boyfriend who in her first tube Cry me a River in 2002, described the singer’s adultery. The clip, which featured an actress who looked a lot like the person concerned, contributed to damaging her image. Just like this radio interview where the musician boasts of having slept with her. An archive unearthed by the journalists of the documentary.

“I am aware of not having been up to the task at such times”

Justine Timberlake

After the explosion that Free Framing Britney aroused on the American continent, Justin Timberlake, now a father, took up the pen a few days ago to apologize to his ex-girlfriend. A first since their break up twenty years ago. “I am deeply sorry for those times in my life when my actions contributed to the problem, where I cut myself off, or on the contrary did not speak up to defend what was right , can we read in his press release. I am aware of not having lived up to these moments and many others, and of having benefited from a system that supports misogyny and racism.».

Despite demonstrations of support from his fans, Britney Spears was denied last November the judgment of her guardianship by the Supreme Court of California. A disappointment for the person concerned but especially for those who have followed her for more than two decades. As long as she remains under the authority of her father, the one who has sold more than 200 million records around the world refuses to give new concerts. It has now been more than two years, since January 4, 2019, that his career has been put on hold.

Britney Spears, who does not intervene in the footage of the New York Times, did not react publicly to the film of which it is the subject. “We don’t know if she received our requests maintenance”, Is it even indicated at the end. Still, this film, which is only available in the United States on the Hulu platform for around $ 5 per month, inspires competition. According to information from Bloomberg News, Netflix was preparing its own documentary with director Erin Lee Carr, already at the origin of several reality series on various facts, at the controls.



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