Free course from the University of Penn on Film History • El Nacional

Penn University offers a free Film History course with a specific focus on Hollywood. The course explores the birth and establishment of Hollywood as a cinematographic powerhouse.

The program will discuss the complex mechanics of the film industry and how business and politics translate into the art of film, television and new media.

A timeline that includes chronicles of Hollywood’s growth and global reach will be explored since the 1920s, looking at how it has responded to new technologies, how synchronized sound restructured the art of cinema, as well as color cinematography, television, home video and internet.

In addition, the course will answer how the worldwide spread of American cinema in the 1920s changed the global film industry. The relationship between Hollywood and more independent cinema and its responses to crises in American politics (eg, world wars, the cold war, the counterculture of the sixties, 9/11) will be studied.

For more information about the course, as well as about the registration process, visit the virtual education platform EdX.

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