Free conversation manuals in French and Ukrainian created in Niort

It’s a great initiative. That of the Bonhomme de Chemin editions, specializing in children’s travel books in Niort, which created two small free conversation manuals in French-Ukrainian and Ukrainian-French. Objective: to facilitate the reception of Ukrainian children and to promote exchanges with the young and old.

Bonhomme de Chemin publishes conversation guides for children in a number of languages. But not in Ukrainian. Following the Russian invasion of the country and the arrival in France of refugees, Stéphanie Bioret, co-manager of publications, had solicitations. “The first person who contacted me is mistress on Magné. She had touched me. She really had a certain apprehension to say to herself how I am going to do to welcome this little chip, if she feels bad, if she wants to see his mom again… and I said to myself we have to do something, at least for the first exchanges”.

It’s also a real chance for the French to be able to exchange, it’s a real lesson in sharing and openness to other cultures.

To create these manuals, Stéphanie Bioret received l’aide d’Anastasiaa 19-year-old Ukrainian refugee here in Deux-Sèvres. “It was really interesting for me to create something in my mother tongue”. She, who has been studying French for more than 10 years, recognizes it as the language of Molière “is difficult. The pronunciation is really hard. And you have the articles, un, la, les, we don’t have it at all”.

20 plates can be downloaded for free on the site of the Bonhomme de Chemin editions © Radio France
Noemie Guillotin

These manuals explain the alphabet because the Ukrainian alphabet is Cyrillictranslation and phonetics of useful words as hello, thank you… To download for free, go to the Bonhomme de Chemin editions website.

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