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Free bitcoins… beware of danger!


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You don’t know the world of cryptomonnaie ? You see cryptocurrency such as the Bitcoin as a way to get rich very quickly? Be careful, you are the perfect target for unscrupulous online merchants. Find out below why and how to be careful when asked to invest in cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency, an area still obscure for many

As in all areas, be aware that some people do not hesitate to turn into a seller of sand by dangling juicy crypto investments. These people intend to take advantage of the gullibility of new cryptocurrency investors.

Admittedly, since 2009 and the creation of Bitcoin, we can say that cryptocurrency has come a long way. It thus came out of anonymity and acquired an ever greater credibility with the public.

However, it is clear that most people are not yet familiar with the field. While many have understood that a bitcoin represents a certain value (rather high!), Many do not know the crypto ecosystem. For example, you certainly know a lot of people for whom “mining” is still an industrial process aimed at digging the soil, right?

However, cryptocurrency arouses a certain curiosity. This is why, crypto has become a preferential playing field for certain scammers. If you are looking to invest money online, we urge you to be careful. In particular, pay close attention to the offers that promise you to have free bitcoins.

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Use good judgment

In June 2020, a scam was launched on the web which proposed to earn free bitcoins. The fraudulent offer usedElon Musk, charismatic and synonymous with success, boss of the Tesla and Space X brands in particular. The offer encouraged you to donate money by dangling an extraordinary match. In other words, if you paid 0.1 BTC, you were promised that you would receive 1 BTC in return. Of course, the abundance never came …

This sad example is unfortunately only one among many. Many scams are thus present on social networks. To give themselves credit, they don’t hesitate to use fake Twitter accounts of famous people. The logic is often the same: ask you to pay money (or provide your credit card details) to receive free bitcoins. Bitcoin, because it is now widely known by the general public, is particularly used to lure gullible investors. However, it is not the only one. Last year, the founder of the Ripple filed a complaint against YouTube for hosting videos of scams that used their currency. Ethereum is also not spared.

Unfortunately, at present, it is still very difficult to combat these scams at the level of governments or financial agencies. The best way, therefore, is for you to exercise good judgment. Cryptocurrency is fascinating, to be sure, but it’s still an investment, not a game. Investing in cryptocurrency can actually make you gain in the medium and long term. However, like any investment, you need to know the basics to act responsibly and protect yourself from scams.

Cryptocurrency is an extraordinary world to discover! Don’t risk being disgusted by having a bad experience. So, be careful, especially when someone promises you free bitcoins, either by direct payment or by a supposed referral system. An overly advantageous offer must raise suspicion on your part. At best, it is subject to drastic and engaging conditions, at worst it is a scam!


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