Fredriksen shares rose sharply on Nasdaq

After Wall Street opened, President Joe Biden held a press conference in which he assured that a new lockdown was not a topic for the time being, despite fears of spreading the omikron variant. The markets responded positively, and the three leading main indices on Wall Street all ended in a positive.

  • The technology index did very well Nasdaq, which rose by 1.88 percent, to 15,782.
  • The market pulse S&P 500 climbed 1.32 percent, to 4,655.
  • The industry index Dow Jones went up by 0.68 percent, to 35,135.

The Vix index – also called the “fear index” – because it measures the expected fluctuations on the S&P 500 over the next 30 days, fell by as much as 20.51 percent to 22.78. This means that there is considerably less fear in the market.

The yield on the ten-year US government bond – the ten-year – rose by 2.9 basis points, to 1.514 per cent.

Beat the Oslo Stock Exchange

Fredriksen-dominated rose on the Oslo Stock Exchange Golden Ocean with 8.31 percent, and was traded for NOK 84.70 at closing. Things went even better on Wall Street.

Nasdaq-listed Golden Ocean rose 8.25 percent, closing at $ 9.58 a share. With an exchange rate of 9.04 Norwegian kroner per US dollar, this corresponds to 86.60 Norwegian kroner – almost 2 kroner above the closing price on the Oslo Stock Exchange.



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