Fredes Insa, a big step beyond

Fredes Insa was born in Barcelona. From a diplomatic mother, she has traveled all over the world. She graduated in Law, she was trained in the European Commission. She practically lived from one airport to another, running, with her heels and suit jacket. She until life gave her a break and she asked herself: “what do I want to do? Dance”. She today she is a woman in tights and very happy.

And it is that his great hobby all his life has been musicals. Specialized in classical and jazz dance, she combined her professional career teaching in this field. She landed in Jerez for her husband’s professional reasons, at the same time that she was diagnosed with very aggressive breast cancer, from which she has recovered. An illness that caught him with a one-year-old girl and a two-month-old girl. After the treatment, some friends encouraged him to create the School of Dance and Musical Comedy Fredes Insa (Santo Domingo, 11), which began in 2015 with just seven girls. She then did an end of year with a musical that she liked very much. She, little by little, enrolled more people who were fond of dancing at the school. Was growing.

“My goal, of course, is to teach the classes that I love and enjoy very much, but this could not be limited to teaching. I had to go one step further. Values ​​are very important to me. I had been through a very critical situation and I understood that what I had was a wonderful platform to educate children in school, so that from a young age they can help. It seems that today you can only help if you have money, and you don’t. A three-year-old girl, participating in a musical, can collaborate with children with cancer. So I made this platform available to that service. I considered that the best way to do it was through what we like the most: singing, dancing and interpreting”. It should be noted that jazz, pilates and musical comedy are taught at the School.

That was how, the following year, decided to make the musical a charity for childhood cancer. 80% of the student body are boys. “I think it’s nice that children, from a young age, understand and feel that they can help and doing it with something they enjoy and it doesn’t cost them, like a musical”, adds Fredes.

In 2021, the musical was first taken to the Villamarta Theater and then to Tío Pepe Festival. The total proceeds went to the ‘For a Smile’ Association and its projects at the Jerez Hospital. Likewise, at Christmas they staged a musical in favor of Alceh (Association for the Fight Against Haematological Diseases), also in Jerez.

The Fredes Insa School of Dance and Musical Comedy collaborates altruistically with all its students in the creation, performance and production of the show for this social purpose. The intention of the charity association is to implement the annual charity musical against childhood cancer in Jerez and turn it into a benchmark charity event.

If last year was ‘The Guardians of Words’, for this season the charity musical is called ‘Let’s jazz’. The benefits will be for Ukrainian children with cancer, through the Alceh association, and for the adaptation of a gym at the Jerez Hospital for children and adolescents with cancer that will help them in this way, through adapted physical activity, in the improvement of his situation.

The show will be staged on July 2 at the Villamarta Theater and on July 22 at Tío Pepe Festival. Ticket reservations can be made at the Theater box office, at the González Byass box office and at Row zero will also be available: ES93 2100 1994 40 0200066249. Bizum at 02575 through charitable causes.

“Right now, we just gave the starting signal with the poster, contacting sponsors and we have more than 250 artists/students who are going to perform in the musical. And not only that, it is that behind all this there are 50 people, including monitors, mothers in charge of the group, wardrobe managers, hairdressers, seamstresses, councilors, etc. In the end, it moves to 320 families in Jerez involved in this project. People want to collaborate, do their bit, it doesn’t matter if it’s doing makeup, sewing costumes…”, she explains. “We have created a beautiful big family that continues to grow. And, above all, that the end is wonderful”. Fredes assures that the air that is breathed in the school “is so beautiful. Everybody gets involved for the cause when we prepare the musical. With enthusiasm and desire, everything comes out”.

Mother of three daughters, Fredes says that, after making a pilgrimage to several doctors, it was at the Hospital de Jerez where they saved her life. “I think all this happens for a reason and you have to look beyond. Thank God, I’m here and this has to serve for something in favor of others. It’s hard that something like this has to happen to you to open your eyes, but hey, let’s open them. Life gives you lessons but you also have to enjoy and live”.

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