“Fraud in Used Cars: Two Prominent Methods and How to Avoid Them, Especially for Women”

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Journalist Abdul Rahman Al-Murshed revealed the two most prominent methods of fraud in used cars, indicating that women are the most vulnerable category.

He said during an intervention with Al-Ikhbariya channel: “Fraud in used cars is done through “tape” and manipulation through applications and social media.

He explained: “The stripes are the main reason for fraud, as they receive used car owners who want to sell their cars, before they arrive at the showroom, and they say that the car has many defects, and they offer many temptations and that they will dispose of the car. Pointing out that the stripes do not have an organization. Or permits, and most of them are non-Saudis.

He added: “Also, manipulation through social media, where a person exposes the car for sale, and manipulates the specifications, color of the car, odometer, and others, indicating that some people deal in good faith, and buy the car without inspection in nature.

He continued: “Do not buy a car at night because its defects do not appear clearly,” adding that the most manipulated groups are women, as more than 90% of them are exposed to fraud and deception due to their lack of experience.

2023-05-29 15:03:18
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