Frans Bauer completely surprised as a woman candidate in ‘The Mas …

Disbelief in charming singer Frans Bauer (46) when he watched the Dutch version of ‘The Masked Singer’ at home and discovered that the person who performed under the guise of Mouse was just his own wife Mariska (44). The whole family fell from the sky, as the images taken at the Bauers’ home also show.

Mariska had secretly set up a camera and filmed their reaction. The panellists in the studio were also stunned when Mariska emerged from the suit. They also had no idea. Mariska’s excuses to get away from home and do everything in secret? “If I had to rehearse, I just said I was going shopping.”

Frans Bauer was not well. “I was shocked by the gumming !! But what did she do well !! Very proud of us Maris !! ” Twelve years of marriage clearly doesn’t mean you don’t keep secrets from each other.


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