Frankfurt and Offenbach at the top of the Corona ranking

Dhe week in Hessen begins with a noticeable statistical downturn in new corona infections. After 882 on Saturday and 407 on Sunday, the health authorities have the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) 336 new confirmed Covid-19 cases reported. However, comparatively low numbers on Mondays are not unusual. The reason: “A few days can pass between the notification by the doctors and laboratories to the health department and the transmission of the cases to the responsible state authorities and the RKI,” says the Federal Institute in Berlin. Experience has shown that this phenomenon occurs again and again, especially at the beginning of the week.

Thorsten Winter

Business editor and internet coordinator in the Rhein-Main-Zeitung.

Regardless of the relatively manageable increase at the state level, the infection rate continues to worsen, especially in Frankfurt and Offenbach. That follows from the respective seven-day incidence, these are the new ones Corona– Cases with less than 100,000 inhabitants within a week. Frankfurt passed the 100 mark on the weekend, which was the case in Offenbach before. The RKI now shows the value 118 for Frankfurt and 119.7 for the neighboring city on its website. These are new unpleasant peak values ​​for both municipalities. On October 1st, Frankfurt had 25.3 and Offenbach 31.4.

These cities, among others, were already at the highest warning level in the country’s escalation concept (see grafic). Against this background, the city of Frankfurt has formulated new guidelines. Numerous other counties as well as the large cities have exceeded the critical incidence value of 50, of which the authorities can restrict existing easing. This has also happened in many places, for example in Frankfurt and Offenbach, but also in Gießen with a significantly lower incidence there is a curfew including the ban on serving alcohol in public, including petrol stations. Only the district of Hersfeld-Rotenburg recently had an incidence below 20, which allows so-called routine operation.

Almost 20,000 recovered

Since the beginning of the month, the incidence for all of Hesse has risen massively. If this value was 16.1 on October 1st, it is now 58.4, as reported by the Ministry of Social Affairs.

As the RKI data on the institute’s website also shows, there are officially three more corona deaths to complain about. Since March there have been 576 deaths in connection with the pandemic. Conversely, the number of people who have recovered continues to increase in steps of two hundred. The RKI speaks of 19,900 out of 25,776 confirmed infections since March. That means: 5300 Covid-19 cases are not yet over.


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