Frank responds to divorce message: ‘Cleanest nonsense’

Frank does not understand the news item de Privé is publishing. “It is pure nonsense”, he tells RTL Boulevard. “I have not spoken to that man (who wrote the article, ed.) For two months.” Rogier also responds to the text of The Telegraph. “Speaking is silver, silence is golden,” he says.

The message made a big impression on the couple, who broke through with the presentation of Palace for next to nothing. Frank tells that Rogier’s family is in panic because of the message that has appeared. Moreover, Frank is so angry about the report that he wants to put a lawyer on it.

The two flamboyant men had a fight because Rogier allegedly heard a telephone conversation in which Frank said that his younger friend had started walking beside his shoes. Then the two fought their feud through the magazines. Rogier, for example, threw Frank’s financial administration into the street, which he in turn did not appreciate.

RTL channel boss Peter van der Vorst talked to the duo to try to fix the argument, since the two viewing figures are on RTL 4. “Frank and Rogier must remain credible as a duo,” said Peter about those conversations.

In the video below you can see everything about the fight between Frank and Rogier.

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