Frank about marriage crisis: ‘There is nothing wrong, the’ Private ‘is exaggerating’

The marriage of Frank Jansen (74) and Rogier Smit (46) of ‘Paleis voor een Stagy’ is according to weekly magazine Private unsettled, but according to Frank none of that is true.

The tabloid press reports about the couple known from Palace for next to nothing in ‘Frank and Rogier check in’, that the two have been living separately since the shooting was done. Frank lives in their house in France and Rogier lives in The Hague. The reason would be that Frank is disturbed by Rogier’s diva behavior. According to Frank, fame would have gone to Rogier’s head. In response, Rogier threatens to hang Frank’s dirty laundry in a book.

When we ask Frank what is actually going on, he responds from his – in his own words – ‘ruin’ in France: “There is nothing wrong. We are known to have a special and sometimes turbulent relationship, every marriage has its ups and downs. We have been together for almost twenty years and have regularly scheduled moments of rest apart from each other, like now. After an intensive recording period for our television program, I have a planned holiday in France. I sit here at the rosé with friends, enjoying my old age and well-deserved rest! ”

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