Franck Muller Collaborates with #FR2 for a Unique Mid-Autumn Festival Watch

Franck Muller Collaborates with #FR2 for a Unique Mid-Autumn Festival Watch

[Franck Muller/ #FR2/ Collaboration/ Mid-Autumn Festival]During the major festivals, various watch manufacturers may launch holiday-themed watches, so that everyone can celebrate the festival and give them as gifts to their loved ones. But don’t think that these works only have the meaning of festivals. Festivals often represent the inheritance of a cultural tradition, and the elements contained in them also have profound connotations and charming characteristics.

During the upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival, Franck Muller, a Swiss brand famous for its barrel-shaped watch cases, collaborates with the famous Tokyo streetwear brand #FR2 for the first time with the theme of the Jade Rabbit. This collaboration is surprising and exciting. Made of brand-new materials and only selected for products in the Asia-Pacific region, it is definitely a rare product.

#FR2NCK MULLER Vanguard (Image credit: Franck Muller)

Since ancient times, humans have had great myths and associations with the moon. Traditionally in China, it is believed that the moon is inhabited by jade rabbits. Therefore, the most iconic animal and source of inspiration for the Mid-Autumn Festival is of course the rabbit. As for #FR2 (Fxxking Rabbits), the logo is also a rabbit. The brand has always been famous for its bold style. The products it launches include fashion clothing, homewares and even works of art, which are fun and eclectic. The jointly launched work #FR2NCK MULLER Vanguard is also a creative display, integrating the characteristics of the two brands into one, allowing people to discover that Swiss high-end watchmaking and Japanese street fashion can also be seamlessly combined. Of course, the work has the signature Vanguard design, using matte white as the main color, the black hands and large numbers are distinctive, and the #FR2 rabbit logo is placed at 7 o’clock. The rabbit’s red eyes are particularly prominent in the black and white dial. Due to the use of Super-Luminova coated square hollow hands and rabbit patterns, it shows light in a dark environment, which is more in line with the atmosphere of the Mid-Autumn Moonlight Night.

This joint cooperation is not only to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival, but also to prepare for everyone’s new styles in the autumn and winter seasons. The watch factory has always focused on fashion and exquisite technology, and many complex designs and highly recognizable elements make it possible to Watches can express personal taste. The unique appearance often requires unique craftsmanship. From the surface to the internal space and even the movement, it requires craftsmanship. Its excellent craftsmanship has always been well-known in the high-end watch industry. The works are rare and precious, making people unable to put it down. . However, unlike the nobility and elegance that high-end watches have always focused on, Franck Muller is more bold and bold. His works are suitable for users with different personalities, and the design concept is people-oriented.

#FR2NCK MULLER Vanguard (Image credit: Franck Muller)

Another focus of the new work is that for the first time, the brand uses a new carbon fiberglass material to make the barrel-shaped Vanguard watch case. The material is pressed from carbon powder and glass fiber plus polymer resin, and then undergoes 3 hours of high temperature at 150 degrees Celsius and 200 metric tons of high-pressure processing to obtain an extremely light but strong material. What is interesting is that during the production process, different material fibers are randomly stacked and given different shapes of textures after compression molding, so the case of each new product The textures are all unique. In addition, in order to match the street fashion style of #FR2, a white nylon strap decorated with black fonts is specially selected this time. The overall style is more youthful, energetic and unique. There is no sense of contradiction in using a high-end watch to match High Street Fashion. The new work is limited to 800 pieces and is only available in the Asia-Pacific region. The new materials just mentioned will only be used in designated styles in the Asia-Pacific region.

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