Franck Carbonnel, new president of FC Drouais: “Find a patron president”

The 2021-2022 financial year, even trying, was punctuated by a rise in National 3. And with the election of a new president, Franck Carbonnel, 52 years old.

Franck Carbonnel, you are the new president of FC Drouais. How did it go ?
In the wake of the suspension of Aziz Talata*, the bureau held an election at the club’s headquarters on June 9. I obtained the unanimity of the votes of the eleven voters (the office is completed by Rémi Rolland, secretary, and Karim Cheita, treasurer).

What will be your hobbyhorses?
I would already like to remind you that I am acting on an interim basis, which should ideally lead to the election of a patron candidate at the end of the year. The club essentially lives on grants, but it’s really about finding significant private partners in anticipation of next season.

FC Drouais goes back to N3

A season that you will play in National 3, two years after leaving it…
Indeed. In this perspective, we would like to increase our operating budget from €370,000 to €500,000. The issue of facilities is also central. With Paul-Bert’s only synthetic, for the training of our 510 licensees, we are really too tight. Another land would allow us to accommodate additional licensees.

FC Drouais president Aziz Talata suspended for six years

What are the next deadlines for the club?
I hope to get an important meeting with the FFF so that it can assess the financial health of the club. Knowing that the accounts are balanced and that nothing indicates that the budget can be revoked as it is. Once this stage is reached, we will be able to finalize the recruits with whom we are already in contact.

Players from outside, then?
We have a pool of players from the sector. But, to be able to compete in N3, we will have to recruit.

“Continue with Gwenaël Maurice”

Is coach Gwenaël Maurice maintained?
For the time being, I have no element that would allow us to announce the contrary. The idea is to continue his collaboration with his assistants, James Fouré and Mickaël Royant.

You spoke of “candidate patrons” for the presidency. Aziz Talata is not among them?
Mr. Talata does not appear there but the office wishes to continue the work started by the former president, which consists in teaching and practicing solidarity football, while tending towards a better understanding with the other clubs of Drouais.

Will you be a candidate in the election at the end of the year?
I have professional responsibilities (Editor’s note: he chairs the Relais Logement, in Dreux) which will not allow me to continue as President beyond this year. In a pinch, find that of treasurer.

* The ex-president received a six-year suspension for “insults and death threats against an official and acts of brutality against an opposing player” in early June. He appealed.

David Berthelem

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