Francesco Totti in the mirror, the story of the man and the footballer Totti in the mirror

It is as if he would sit next to us and talk to us about his life, as a man and as a footballer, until the day of farewell. “An intimate story,” says Alex Infascelli. My name is Francesco Totti is the most awaited event at the Rome Film Fest, on the 17th and then on the 18th, in the match between the player and Pierfrancesco Favino. «The title is the beginning of a theme and a statement. The man Francesco learns from the footballer Totti, one needs the other, ”says the director. He had a psychoanalyst’s approach: «An empty room, a sofa, the lamp. And we started talking ». “He had no idea what I had in mind, he knew me, he loves cinema and he had seen Almost Blue. When he saw my encirclement on the people closest to him, he said to me: how much do you want to talk about me? ». Totti comments on the family films that his brother Riccardo has kept, of many he was unaware of, it was like opening a box of photos of which he had no memory, and tells about “his childhood as a shy child, when it was not clear why did not grow in stature, or of the father who took him at 16 months to kick the ball on vacation, and Francesco is now excited, he did not expect it from that man of few words and sip of feelings, “it’s like I do with my son Cristian ». And then he talks about faith and spirituality.

The other half of the field. Here is the athlete, unpublished images of the debut with Brescia, the race to recover from the injury for the 2006 World Cup and the penalty against Australia, behind which there was the emotional weight of Ilary, his wife; 360-degree game viewing from an early age; psychodrama with the coach Spalletti: «At first they understood each other, then he was put aside and he saw it as a betrayal, it became a horror film, another person revealed himself, the opponent was him. But what are you also wearing Spalletti? He asked me. He wanted to talk about the national team, he found his opponents, Buffon, Del Piero next to a brotherhood and he realized that they grew up together ». Lazio? «He says that there are three teams in Rome: Rome, Lazio and the youth team from Lodigiani. Lazio is the third team. The true Roman is a Romanist, he was born this way, he is a religion and you cannot convert to Lazio ». I spit it out at the Dane Poulsen, the mistake he regrets: “When I lose my mind, I do things I’m ashamed of. But behind it there was a direction and it was no longer football ». No jokes and subjunctives, it is an introspective journey, there is no media dimension «that weighs on him and interferes with his freedom, even as a kid he had people near his house and he was upset, he couldn’t go to play pinball. His dream? Be invisible for a day ».

Is there melancholy? “There’s Clark Kent’s, he hung up the Superhero costume to become one of us. It can still give so much. The tone is that of the rewind: I turned back that I want to see better… ». The risk of a holy card? “Totti is only himself, and besides, he’s a desecrator … I’m not a fan, I was struck by the person, by the face, he seemed to me one of the family”. When he was doubtful, the director told him: “This film will survive you, it’s an opportunity to say things you didn’t say. He started talking about Ilary, how he made him grow as a person and as an athlete. “There is something in him that goes beyond the player …” I was struck by his simplicity, his generosity, a Forrest way Gump that some special people are gifted with, almost opposite to the damnation of a Kurt Cobain. There is an empathic quality in his gentle, calm gaze, a classicism, something superhuman and very earthly. It looks like us. You have the feeling of having met him, even if you are not a Roma fan he has a human weight that does not leave you indifferent ».

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