Francesco Chiofalo, the secret with Drusilla? “Making love for 20 minutes a day”

Love and cuddles for Francesco Chiofalo and Drusilla Gucci. It is now clear that the crisis that hit the couple after Lenticchio’s participation in La Pupa and the Nerdy, who gave the red-light actress Malena too spicy appreciations – has been brilliantly overcome. The two have been inseparable since 2021 and are spending their summer holidays in Italy, between Puglia and Campania. The passion between the two has exploded again, more than before: the two make love every day.

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To the weekly Nuovo, Chiofalo said that the passion with the Tuscan heiress is always skyrocketing. The personal trainer therefore advised everyone to use the passion to keep fit, especially in summer when you have less time to attend a gym and train: «Just make love in an air-conditioned room, favoring the night hours. And then, after each intercourse, drink at least one liter of fresh water to restore body temperature. Making love is not only good for the mood but also for the body. For those who are lazy and do not like the gym, I recommend doing at least 20 minutes of love a day instead of the hour of walking ».

The former Temptation Island star then announced that he will soon be living with Drusilla Gucci. The couple is still undecided whether to opt for Rome, where Chiofalo was born and raised, or prefer Florence, the city of the former shipwrecked island of the Famous. The final decision, apparently, was postponed in the fall.

It is likely that in the end they decide for the capital given the commitments of both in the entertainment world. Drusilla is also trying to make its way into the publishing world: recently, she published her first novel.

Last updated: Thursday 11 August 2022, 9:56 pm


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