Francesco Alonge, the uncle who was to be tried for incestuous rape, died in prison

Franscesco Alonge died on Tuesday April 6 at the Douai remand center. This man was to be tried on April 19, 2021 for incestuous rape of his 12-year-old niece. In June 2018, this man from Tourcoing, then aged 51, left with his niece. They said they were a couple and said they were happy. They were found three weeks later on the Opal Coast.

Justice cannot be done. It’s dramatic for everyone – Master Damien Legrand

The trial will not take place

The hearing was to be held in front of the North Assize Court from April 19 to 21, 2021. It is canceled. “This is a very bad thing” for Francesco Alonge’s lawyer, Damien Legrand. “I think he had walked, to be able to also say a certain number of things, which he had not necessarily said throughout this investigation.”

The family of the victim, it says it is disappointed through its lawyer, Olivier Péan de Ponfilly. “The predominant feeling is “so we will never have an explanation”, and maybe never a request for forgiveness. “ The only appointment in court will be for a hearing which will mean the end of the proceedings.

This family was waiting to hear the words that would be said by the uncle on this occasion – Maître Olivier Péan de Ponfilly

His lawyer has questions about the death

_“No hypothesis is ruled out today”warns the lawyer of the ex-accused, Damien Legrand who is wondering about this death. The lawyer points out in particular the way in which his client was treated. That man “who had twice attempted his life”_ was fragile according to Damien Legrand. However, after a transfer from another prison, some of his care would have been interrupted, explains the lawyer.

According to his family, Mr. Alonge complained, the day before his death, of unease. He would have asked to see a doctor, which would not have been done until the next day, much too late – Maître Damien Legrand

An autopsy must be held these days

An investigation is underway, and an autopsy should determine the exact causes of death. For the detainee’s lawyer, Damien Legrand, the circumstances of his death “ask question”.

He envisages “to seize the comptroller general of places of deprivation of liberty so that we know what is happening within the Douai remand center.” The lawyer specifies that it is his second client who dies in less than five months in this same prison.

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