Francesca Vaccaro wife Carlo Conti: he risked losing her

Her name is Francesca Vaccaro, the wife of Carlo Conti with whom she has been together for some time, but for a time he risked losing her. Here’s what happened.

Francesca Vaccaro and Carlo Conti

Francesca Vaccaro she is the wife of the TV presenter Carlo Conti with whom she has had a happy relationship for several years, even if for a period the man really risked losing her forever.

Definitely the last few years for Carlo Conti they were really very intense and above all studded with a great working success.

In fact, man is one of the presenters most loved by Italians and its programs are always among the most followed and appreciated by the public.

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Whatever he does it seems that Conti is able to turn it into a great success and recently the news of a huge opportunity it seems man will live very soon.

The conductor in fact will soon have the opportunity to experience the working abroad, apparently in the United States where it will present an important festival dedicated to Italian music.

Francesca Vaccaro, the crisis with Carlo Conti

Francesca Vaccaro and Carlo Conti
Francesca Vaccaro and Carlo Conti

Married since 2012, Carlo Conti e Francesca Vaccaro they seem to form a really beautiful couple, but there has been a very difficult time between them in the past.

In fact, it seems that at some point Vaccaro had some second thoughts about their relationship and thought of leaving him, probably because she believed that the man had no serious intention of bringing their report to a next and important step.

The two had been together for several years now, but it never really wanted to make their story official with the decision to put the ring on your finger to Francesca.

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The woman suddenly decided to move away and when Conti realized that he was going to seriously lose her, he did everything to recover the relationship and in fact he succeeded, even snatching the promise of to get married.

The two then managed to overcome theirs crisis in full sail, in fact in 2014 they even gave birth to the their son Matteo and now it seems they are

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