Francesca Cipriani married Alessandro Rossi, among the former guests of GF Vip and Myss Keta

Francesca Cipriani married her partner Alessandro Rossi today: many VIPs in the church, from former Big Brother competitors to Myss Keta. For them a wedding kit with rice and handkerchiefs.

Frances Cipriani today she married her partner Alexander Rossi. The former contestant of the Big Brother VIP just during his adventure in reality he received the long-awaited marriage proposaltoday he swore eternal love to his better half before the altar in a church in the capital, the Basilica of San Bartolomeo on the Tiber Island. The celebrations instead in a castle on the outskirts of Rome. Among the guests all those who lived with her in the Casa di Cinecittà, competitors of the various editions of the reality show and also Myss Keta. Signorini would be the best man at the wedding, as you anticipated some time ago.

The wedding of Francesca Cipriani and Alessandro Rossi

Francesca Cipriani and Alessandro Rossi swore eternal love in the Basilica of San Bartolomeo on the Tiber Island, as can be seen in the tag added by the guest Manila Nazzaro. For their wedding, the couple has thought of everything, even a kit for each guest containing rice and a handkerchief for the more romantic ones. To make the background public is Alex Belli who showed the inside of the small box. “Basic kit to get married, rice and the teardrop, he has thought of everything”. According to what the new bride anticipated some time ago, Alfonso Signorini would have been the best man at the wedding.

Instagram photo source

Instagram photo source

The guests at the wedding, from ex of GF Vip to Myss Keta

Numerous VIP guests at the wedding of Francesca Cipriani and Alessandro Rossi. Faces of Big Brother Vip such as Manila Nazzaro, Aldo Montano, the Selassié sisters, Alex Belli and Delia Duran, Carmen Russo, Giucas Casella, shared among their stories “The wedding day”. And again Sophie Codegoni and Alessandro Basciano, Samy Youssef, Giacomo Urtis, Raffaella Fico. Among those present in the church also the famous singer Myss Keta. Everyone accompanied their stories with messages of love for the couple, now husband and wife.

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