France will subsidize its citizens to get to work. The government is preparing special fuel vouchers

Fast growing fuel prices they made a strong impression on everyone who did what day they are traveling by car. In recent months, it has been necessary to pay more for all types of fuel, from 95 petrol to diesel. This is a problem not only for Poland but for the whole country Europe.

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Two zlotys and 50 groszy for a liter of fuel? This is not a joke. Dream station Choose a service

France is grappling with the economic crisis

In Poland, to fight record prices – lowered fuel tax from the previous 23%. at the 8 percent level. In turn, maximum fuel prices had been in place in Hungary for more than a year. They were eventually abolished due to shortages in stations.

France he opted for a slightly different solution and prepared a program to help citizens cope with the increases.

The government will pay 100 euros next year to 10 million people who need a car to get to work

This was announced by Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne on radio station RTL.

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France introduces fuel vouchers

100 EUR this is a figure which in real terms provides for a discount of around 10 cents per litre, in the hypothesis that someone travels 12,000 km a year. kilometers (this is the annual average of the French) – calculated the portal e-gasoline. The benefit will be available to low-income families.

If in the composition domestic two adults enter taxpayers with two vehicles, each of them is entitled to a separate voucher – in total they will receive assistance of 200 euros. The unemployed cannot apply for benefits retirees.

According to the prime minister, this program will cost 1 billion euros.

To receive the fuel voucher, it is necessary to enter the tax code and the car number plate on the website the Ministry of Finance. The French must also declare that the car for which they are receiving subsidy is necessary for their commute. Pieni±dze will be delivered directly to them Bank account.

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