“France” took the arm of the “Netherlands” to beat opponents 2-0 in the Nations League.

UEFA Nations League 2022/23 on the night of last September 22nd. Interesting matches, Ligue A, Group 1, partisan “Chicken Badge”, the French national team. Open house for visiting Austria

It turns out that France is back to doing a great job again. After four games in this tournament, they are still unbeaten, but this match they defeated Australia 2-0 with two goals from Kylian Mbappe in 56 and Olivier Giroud in 65.

Since winning, France have climbed to 5 points from 5 games, climbing to 3rd place in the standings, but not enough to play the next round, for sure. Although it remained a program, Australia fell to the bottom of the group with 4 points.

As for Group 4, the Dutch warlords “Orange Knight” also showed excellent form. Invaded by a 2-0 victory over Poland thanks to Cody Gappo’s brace in the 13th and 60th minutes Stefan Bergwijn, unbeaten in 14 consecutive games in all events, climbs to 13 points, taking the lead of the group. 4 points, ranking 3rd.

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