France, stop to virginity certificates, gynecologists: “A mistake” | The complaint

16 September 2020 21:45

The government would like to abolish the practice – widespread in the Islamic world – defined by the doctors themselves as “barbaric, backward and sexist”. But doctors warn: “We often have to give this certificate to a young woman to save her life.”

The surprise no – “Refusing virginity certificates means defending women’s freedom and their fundamental right to control their own body.” But nevertheless “in the real world” those same certificates are still needed to protect weak Muslim girls or young women in the face of the world. male, for which illibacy remains an “obligatory” condition for weddings. This is, in short, the reason why some doctors and gynecologists in France have opposed the bill with which the French government has decided to ban the certificates of virginity: a no that comes from the columns of the newspaper Liberation, on which the doctors have launched an appeal.

WHO position – The French government’s decision is part of a broader project that aims to limit the so-called “Islamic separatism”, the phenomenon whereby some groups can create communities separated from the state in which they live. And the World Health Organization itself has for two years sided with the abolition of these certifications, deemed “painful, humiliating and traumatic, a violation of the human rights of women and girls”.

Occasion of salvation – But the prohibitionist attitude – underline the gynecologists in the French newspaper – opens the way to less safe solutions, such as clandestine practices or travel abroad. And the victims would be exclusively women living in fundamentalist families. We happen to have to provide this certificate to a young woman to save her life “- the doctors conclude -” and the visit is an opportunity to free women from male and family domination “.

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