France plans to cut public spending for 2024 budget: Labor and housing ministries to be affected the most

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The Minister of Public Accounts Gabriel Attal spoke on Tuesday about the budget. Le Figaro

The Ministries of Labor and Housing will be particularly affected by the reduction in public spending planned for the 2024 budget, Minister of Public Accounts Gabriel Attal said on Tuesday. “The Prime Minister has asked all ministries to identify 5% room for maneuver in their budget,” he recalled on Cnews. “There are areas we are working on more. I am thinking of Labour: today we have the lowest unemployment rate for 15 years, so there are a certain number of devices for which we can perhaps reduce the airfoil, ”said Gabriel Attal.

After having reformed unemployment insurance by reducing the duration of compensation for the unemployed, the government wants to sanction the beneficiaries of the RSA who do not comply with the “accompaniment” course of the return to employment. Gabriel Attal also mentioned “the housing sector”. “We know that we spend a lot more than our European neighbors without being able to say that our results are particularly better,” he said.

Some ministries should continue to see their spending increase, particularly in the context of programming laws, such as that of the Armed Forces or Justice.


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