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The sales boom recorded since SUV segment represents a problem for France. Or at least that’s what the government thinks, which is thinking about introducing a new car tax on this type of model to drastically reduce deliveries. In fact, a new tax should soon come into force that affects cars based on their weight, with a double objective: to decrease sales of SUVs, and generally reduce the environmental impact large and heavy vehicles.

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Barbara Pompili, the French Ecological Transition Minister, highlighted some details of the possible new car tax: 10 euros per kg over 1,800 kg, bearing in mind that in France the average weight of the cars is 1,240 kg. This means that a small fraction of French SUVs would be penalized by this new auto tax, even if the automakers haven’t taken the news well. But it is the minister himself who emphasizes: “The weight penalty we are introducing is a strong and necessary signal to better take into account the ecological footprint of heavier vehicles. The increase in the vehicle fleet means more materials and energy consumed, more pollution, less public space available ”. Clearly, we will not only look at the weight of the cars, but also at their type: adjustments are in fact foreseen for large families and it is assumed no tax for electric models.

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As mentioned, the French industry associations they turned up their noses in the face of this alleged new taxation. There are those who call it “an ideological measure that plays into the game of extremist environmental movements”, or who still stress that “there will be no future for the car industry in France with tax increases”. Also because, many point out, in many cases a greater weight of the cars is synonymous with greater security due to the massive composition of the bodywork and the presence of equipment that assist the driver during driving.

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