France had a record of new cases of coronavirus …

The coronavirus pandemic suffered a new and worrying acceleration in France in the last 24 hours, with 4,897 new positive cases, a record number since the exit from quarantine last May. This number of new infections, significantly higher than the 3,602 infected on Saturday, brought the total number of confirmed cases in the country to 242,899. Meanwhile, one person died of the disease, bringing the death toll to 30,513. On Sunday thousands of Paris Saint Germain fans They filled the streets of Paris to support their team as they played the Champions League final in Lisbon, Portugal. Behind the defeat against Bayern Munich of Germany
, the police tried to break up the meeting with tear gas.

“We are in a situation of risk, the pandemic has never stopped,” French Health Minister Olivier Véran told the newspaper Sunday Newspaper. French President Emmanuel Macron ends his vacation this Monday, marked by intense international activity, which he will have to relegate to the background to face the advance of the coronavirus in his country. The pandemic grew again in the height of European summer and, in recent days, countries like Spain, Italy, the United Kingdom and Germany set off the alarms after regrowth
in different regions

The French police charged this Sunday against a hundred Paris Saint Germain fans who had gathered at the gates of the Parc des Princes during the Champions League final that their team lost to Bayern Munich. During the meeting, the agglomeration of the followers had provoked the intervention of the security forces, because they did not respect the social distancing measures. But after the end of the game, the police repressed the demonstration with gases and runs.

Truncated holidays

Four months after deconfiguration of the population, France is witnessing an outbreak of COVID-19 infections that is causing concern in the French government. President Macron had to suspend his vacation and instead of talking about the rescue of the economy, to which the government will allocate 100 billion euros, he convened a health Security Council from which a tightening of the measures to prevent new outbreaks may emerge.

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The next few weeks will be decisive. The French put an end to the summer break, which will coincide with the return to classes, two focuses of maximum concern in the Executive. Masks and social distancing will be mandatory in workplaces and schools, while the French government is committed to multiplying the tests in order to circumscribe possible outbreaks and thus avoid a massive confinement of the population.

Covid-19 among young people

The French Minister of Health, Oliver Véran, warned about the increase in the circulation of the coronavirus among the younger population and, although he ruled out a new confinement of the population, he assured that the country faces “a situation of risk.” In an interview published this Sunday in the weekly Sunday NewspaperVéran assured that “the epidemic has never stopped” and that the truce of the previous months was due to the effects of confinement and the progressive de-escalation.

“The virus circulates four times more among those under 40 years of age than among those over 65,” said the minister, who warned that if progress continues, the health system may again be under tension. Véran pointed out that there is no scientific evidence to show that the virus has lost virulence, although he acknowledged that the affected patients are now younger and, therefore, suffer less severe conditions. “Most of the transmissions are now made in festive situations of the youngest, where prudent actions are not respected,” said the official.

The situation in the rest of Europe

In the last part of the Ministry of Health, Spain reported 8,148 new infections, amounting to a total of 386,054 infected. In addition, 25 deaths were added, raising the figure to 28,838 fatalities. From this situation, several Spanish localities restricted the mobility of citizens. In some towns such as Tielmes, the authorities recommended voluntary confinement after a judge this week rejected the limitation of leisure and the ban on smoking in public that the Community of Madrid had approved.

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Although the Ministry of Health does not provide official data during the weekend, several regional executives reported this Sunday figures that mark an increase in infections, as is the case of the Basque Country, Catalonia or Andalusia. Catalonia, one of the regions most affected by the coronavirus, reported 1,125 new infections and the risk of rebound index maintains the slight upward trend of recent days. The Basque Country also recorded another 661 positive cases for covid-19 in the last hours, the third highest figure since the start of the pandemic.

The United Kingdom confirmed this Sunday more than a thousand new cases of coronavirus and six deaths in the last hours from the disease, in what is the third consecutive day that the country exceeds this threshold. Meanwhile, the authorities continue to work to prevent illegal gatherings of people. German health authorities, for their part, reported 782 new infections, and although the figure is far from the more than 2,000 cases registered on Saturday, the appearance of widespread outbreaks is worrying.


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