France – film 2020 – AlloCiné

Too populist, too incoherent, too ugly, too cheap, Bruno Dumont signs (once again) the film too many! And he succeeds in the challenge of succeeding in making Léa Seydoux ugly (who gives everything but isn’t there anyway) not always excellent). We wonder where the budget could have been spent, not in the sets anyway, perhaps in the special effect with Macron at the start who does not add much to the film. A film full of lies and banalities about the world of journalism (not so long ago the film with Tina Fey Whiskey Tango Foxtrot was much better) that it seems written by all the slayers of the elites, all these anti- vaccine which attack journalists from BFM TV or France Television in their reactionary demonstrations. 0.5 / 5 Avoid! Instead, go see Rouge, Louloute or What remains …


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