France Cancels Free COVID Tests For Unvaccinated

Photo: DPA

France Cancels Free COVID Tests for Unvaccinated People

Now tests for coronavirus will cost unvaccinated French people 22-45 euros. Without tests, the unvaccinated will not have COVID passes.

France refused to test unvaccinated citizens for free for COVID-19. About it informs The Guardian on Friday 15 October.

The tests remain free for vaccinated adults and all children under 18. Also, a free test will be done in case of a referral from a doctor. In this case, unvaccinated adults will have to pay 22-45 euros.

The changes were made in addition to the COVID passes that have been required across the country since the summer. To get it, you need to show proof of vaccination, negative test, or confirmation of recent recovery. Documents are needed to visit tourist sites, hospitals and when traveling on domestic trains.

Previously named countries where COVID-19 vaccination has not yet begun… In the world, until now, not all countries have begun to vaccinate the population against coronavirus infection.

It was also reported that WHO creates new group of COVID experts… Research into the causes of new pathogens “is necessary to prevent future outbreaks,” the WHO stressed.

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