France Announces Withdrawal of Troops from Niger and Recall of Ambassador

France Announces Withdrawal of Troops from Niger and Recall of Ambassador

Emmanuel Macron has announced that France will withdraw all its troops from Niger by the end of 2023 and recall its ambassador and diplomats.

Foreign news agencies report that President Emmanuel Macron of France announced on Sunday, September 24, 2023, that France will end the stationing of troops in Niger by the end of 2023 after the coup occurred. a few months ago which sparked a wave of anti-French resistance in the country.

“We will end our military cooperation with the de facto government of Niger. Because they don’t want to fight terrorism anymore.” It refers to the military leaders who seized control of the northwest African nation in July.

The French president also said The withdrawal of troops will take place within the next few weeks. “They will return in an orderly manner within the coming weeks or months. And for that We will coordinate with the coup d’état. Because we want this to happen peacefully.”

When asked by a reporter about the time frame for withdrawing troops Mr Macron replied that by the end of 2023 there would be no more French soldiers in Niger.

The French leader said The decision to end this cooperation It is because France is not there to solve internal political problems. and was a hostage of the coup d’état. He will also summon Ambassador to Niger Sylvain Itte back to France.

France has decided to recall its ambassador,” Macron said, “within the next few hours. Our ambassador will return to France. along with many other diplomats.”

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