France against pro-Nazi rapper Freeze Corleone: “unspeakable words”

I tests – In some extracts released on social media, the French rapper refers to Hitler and the Third Reich: “Arrival determined as Adolf Hitler in the thirties”. Other stanzas have anti-Semitic connotations such as: “Every day RAF (acronym of” Rien à foutre “, equivalent of” I don’t care “) of the Shoah” or “As Swiss bankers, everything for the family, so that my children live on income like the Jews “.

Politics denounces – Against the singer, born in 1992 in the Paris suburbs of a Senegalese father and Italian mother, had already been invoked sanctions by about fifty deputies of En Marche (the majority party of the President of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron), who said they were “deeply shocked by the utterly hateful, anti-Semitic and denialist words”.

The Republican right also took sides against the rapper. At the forefront is the deputy Eric Ciotti, who spoke of a “true hate preacher” and asked to censor his pieces on social media. The investigations were entrusted to the Regional Directorate of the Judicial Police.

The Jewish world “This flood of hatred must be severely punished”, explained the president of the representative council of the Jewish institutions of France (Crif), Francis Kalifat, according to whom these are texts of “anti-Semitic and conspiracy character, in which the apology of the terrorism and Nazism “.


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