France 3 New Aquitaine weather forecast for Thursday, August 11

Continuation of anticyclonic conditions

No change tomorrow in New Aquitaine, with still this dry and sunny weather. After a hot and tropical night, the temperatures will be very mild at the end of the night with a little freshness towards Limousin. Blazing sun and overwhelming heat will be on the agenda for the afternoon. The highest temperatures will be for Aquitaine where we could reach or exceed 40°C locally.

The maximum will range from 33°C in Biarritz to 41°C in Mont de Marsan. It will be 34°C in Guéret, 35 in La Rochelle, 36 in Poitiers, 37 in Limoges and Pau, 38 in Niort and Périgueux and 39°C in Agen and Bordeaux.

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