Frammersbach sets another example against B 26n

In Frammersbach there is another, clearly visible sign that the market town is rejecting the planned B 26n federal road: the local Green Association recently put up a banner at the B 276 exit towards Bad Orb.

As the association “Citizens and municipalities against the western bypass Würzburg / B 26n” reports, the two- to three-lane B 26n federal road, which is largely planned on a new route through Main-Spessart, will link the A 3 and A motorways 7 and through the B 276 also a connection to the A 66, which leads through the Lohrtal. As a result, the traffic on the already heavily used through-road from Frammersbach and Partenstein would increase sharply after the construction of the B 26n.

Frammersbach’s mayor, Christian Holzemer, had recommended membership in the citizens’ initiative to his local council, as discussions with the road construction authorities about road safety in the town center were unsuccessful.

As it goes on in the letter, two more banners are to be hung in the through town in the next few days. These were financed by the citizens’ initiative “Citizens and municipalities against the western bypass Würzburg / B 26n”. According to the announcement, secretaries Reinhard Rauch and Katharina Vautrin-Hofmann from the association against the B 26n were present when the first banner was put up.

According to the announcement, the Frammersbach municipal council factions of the Free Voters, the SPD and the Greens are currently organizing another cross-party and cross-local action. For this purpose, contact was also made with the Partenstein community. Together they want to collect signatures in the Lohr valley against the planning and construction of the B 26n and thus set an example.

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The villages along the B 276 are not prepared to accept the additional traffic that would result from the construction of the B 26n through their thoroughfares. According to Frammersbach, the municipal councils of Partenstein and Biebergemünd have therefore decided in recent weeks to join the citizens’ initiative against the B 26n.

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