FPO reveals 32 infections found in Sriracha brewery cluster, expected to spread close people – many at risk

Office of the Sriracha Brewery Cluster reveals 32 infections, expected to infect close people – many more vulnerable people Confirms the number of infected people still has Get troubled by illegal gambling

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Date 10 Jan. Dr. Taweesil Witsanuyothin, MD. A spokesperson for the COVID 19 Situation Center (STF) said that the infection associated with entertainment venues in Sriracha District, Chonburi Province, said that the Ministry of Public Health will announce at 3:00 pm, but initially stated that it was an epidemic inBreweries around Sriracha 32 cases were reported since Jan. 9, and nine are expected to spread to close people outside the brewery, 32 of which went to 31 at risk. This number found 13 infections, 6 of which did not find another 10 waiting for results.

When asked about the group of people infected from a casino Smuggling into the country Must pay at own expense It will make people afraid to come to be examined and spread the disease further or not. Thaweesilp, MD. Said that if infected and then concealed, not cooperating, no applications Must be punished according to the requirements that As for the expenses that will occur Must see the rules of the Ministry of Public Health. If you have personal health insurance Insurance will not be paid, it depends on them. As for migrant workers, they must look on a case-by-case basis. If the intentions are bad or hide, they must be involved in some responsibility.

But will give The Ministry of Finance informed in details about these matters. But the punishment is for the anxious and nervous. If the penalty is for secretly anonymous Don’t think so Because it will cause heavy collapse Gotta love yourself Revelation tells the truth and comes in to be more graceful. The law looks primarily intentional. Nobody would have thought that he wanted to bring the infection to make himself sick. But he mistakenly did something bad and came in to receive care and control of the disease.

Continue asking if the number of infected cases is down or not. Thaweesilp, MD. SaidFrom the graph, there is no one down If it is weekly, it is still considered up. Was considered stable But going up and down must be contested for days and hours Proactive scanning for contact persons is done in every province. Trying to expedite sweeping the infection into the circle, limit the circle, find more people Still have to continue Will not finish soon. Even if you need to keep your distance, reduce travel, wear masks 100%, get a travel permit All measures must be taken to see a downtrend.

“The government, the people and the people must work together in all three parts. The most important thing to slow down the disease is to create distance between individuals. Getting to and from many issues Various gray business No big casino To catch a small casino to play together 5-10 people still happened Is a concern of the public health sector

I have to tell the people who play The security sector is troubling. But are people playing troubled? Do you have any feelings that the disease is very close? If it comes up, what is played and can be obtained It is not useful in life. Is what you want to leave Let us not have at all the matters of all illegal things smuggling. To pass this disease together, “said Taweesilp.

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