FPI Reveals Habib Rizieq Holding Secret Documents to Return to Indonesia

Suara.com – The general secretary of the Islamic Defenders Front, Munarman, stated that he was returning Habib Rizieq Shihab to the homeland stay waiting for the day. Habib Rizieq claimed to have secret documents that helped the return of the high priest of the FPI from Saudi Arabia.

Munarman said that Rizieq’s repatriation process did not use the assistance of the Indonesian Embassy in Saudi Arabia, all forms of blocking and other legal issues called Munarman had been resolved directly by Rizieq.

“Habib Rizieq also has several other documents which we have not opened at the moment, confidential documents, yes, the parties who have been in contact with Habib Rizieq and the embassy are not involved in this matter. So actually he does not know anything, lately he was pretentious. know, “said Munarman via the YouTube channel FRONT TV, Sunday (18/10/2020).

FPI spokesman Munarman. [Suara.com/Stephanus Aranditio]

Munarman said Rizieq was still waiting for the administration process for bayan safan (exit permit), scheduling and purchasing tickets to return to Indonesia.

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“So Habib Rizieq can come home at any time when the letter for the bayan exit is issued. The letters were issued by Saudi Arabia, they have nothing to do with our embassy. Unless there are other contrived things,” he said.

Munarman criticized the Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia to Saudi Arabia, Agus Maftuh Abegebriel, for saying that Rizieq had not been able to return home because he had violated his visit visa overstay.

“Of course, as an ambassador, the presence of an ambassador must try to repatriate. This does not mean that Habib Rizieq cannot return home. It does not help in the slightest to get home, it is not difficult,” he criticized.

[Suara.com/Ema Rohimah]
[Suara.com/Ema Rohimah]

Previously, Ambassador Agus Maftuh stated that Rizieq could not return home because he was still registered as a visitor visa violator due to overstay in the immigration system of Saudi Arabia.

“Form of violation: mutakhallif ziyarah (overstay with a visit visa). There is also a column” ma’lumat al-mukhalif “(data on offenders). In the MRS photo column it is written” Surah al-Mukhalif “photo of the offender.” Red Blink “is a signal that the person concerned has not been able to leave Saudi Arabia, “said Agus in his statement on Wednesday (14/10/2020).

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Even though the news of Habib Rizieq’s return has been heralded by the General Chair of the FPI DPP, Ahmad Shabri Lubis, who said Rizieq had negotiated with the Saudi Arabian authorities without being bridged by the Indonesian government.

Ahmad Shabri even stated that Rizieq would soon lead a revolution against Joko Widodo’s government upon arrival in his homeland.

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