FP-Schuster: Our children’s right to an education cannot be “vaccinated”!

FPÖ NÖ criticizes “de facto mandatory vaccination” and calls for an educational guarantee for all children in Lower Austria

St. Pölten (OTS) “There will be no compulsory vaccination. This promise by the ÖVP and the Greens will probably go down as one of the biggest lies in the history of the second republic, ”says FPÖ education spokeswoman, LAbg. Vesna Schuster. To date, there is no concrete plan under which conditions school will start after the summer vacation. “I demand a guarantee from the Lower Austrian Education Director and the Lower Austrian Education Councilor Teschl-Hofmeister (ÖVP) that the right to education and school is granted to every child in Lower Austria, even without child vaccination. Education cannot be insulted, it is a basic right that every child has, ”emphasizes Schuster.
The FPÖ NÖ also demands an immediate end to the “blind mass testing” that puts everyone under general suspicion of being sick. “If we take our constitution and our democratic constitutional state seriously, then it is absolutely clear that not a single child has to prove anew every day that it is healthy,” says Schuster.

The liberal education spokeswoman refers to the latest figures from the Ministry of Education. In calendar week 21, a total of 698,922 antigen tests were carried out in Lower Austria in primary and secondary levels I and II. Of these, 135 were positive. That is 0.019 percent before PCR confirmation. The fact is that currently only a third of positive rapid tests are confirmed. “The figures clearly show that the political test fetishists of the ÖVP lack any evidence,” Schuster notes. In calendar week 22, a total of 332,908 rapid antigen tests were carried out in the same school levels in Lower Austria. Of these, 0.018 percent were positive and thus 99.982 percent were negative! The same applies to calendar week 23. Of 311,714 rapid tests in schools in Lower Austria, 99.98 percent were negative. “Why the results of the PCR follow-up tests are not included in the statistics is not only a mystery, but is actually a scandal of the special class and a deliberate disguise of the facts,” said Schuster.

The liberal education spokeswoman criticizes the current child vaccination campaign of the Lower Austrian state government. “The parents and children alone – in the best case together with the family doctor – decide about a possible child vaccination and certainly not politicians! The fact that political decision-makers from the ÖVP and SPÖ in the province of Lower Austria are daring and interfere with the health of our little ones is a cheek, “says Schuster clearly against the mandatory vaccination in Lower Austria through the back door.

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