Fourth dose: more than 100,000 Peruvians over 30 years of age have already received it | News

On July 14, the Ministry of Health (Minsa) authorized the placement of the fourth dose of the covid-9 vaccine in people over 30 years of age, achieving a remarkable response in that group of the population, which has massively turned to immunization centers.

“The Ministry of Health has already lowered the age range and now those over 30 years of age can receive the fourth dose. Since this rule was established two days ago, we already have an average of 100,000 people vaccinated with the fourth dose. It has been an important expectation for all people 30 years of age and older”, explained the Director of Immunizations of the Minsa, María Elena Martínez.

The expert, who was at the Gamarra Station of the Lima Metro, reminded the population that to receive the fourth dose it is necessary that five months have passedat least since the third dose was administered.

The vaccines used for the fourth dose are of the Moderna and Pfizer laboratoriesboth developed with the mechanism of Messenger RNA.

“I invite all older people, who have some type of comorbidity, be it diabetes, hypertension or other underlying diseases, to get vaccinated, only then will we be able to face this pandemic,” he noted.

One million gap

In conversation with the Agency AndeanMartínez made a special call to people between 30 and 39 years old to get vaccinated as soon as possible because a large percentage of them only have two doses against covid-19.

“In this group we have a million and a half people who have not received the third dose. My message is for them, especially now that the national holidays are coming and everyone wants to go out, share, visit family, friends. We have to be vaccinated”, highlighted the expert.

He recalled that vaccines have eliminated and controlled many diseases in the country and the world.

“As a country we are in third place in the region due to the large number of vaccines placed and this is thanks to the efforts of all health personnel, of the workers who have been intensifying their work,” he said.

The Minsa reported that you can also go to the vaccination points at the La Cultura and Angamos stations from Monday to Sunday from 08:00 to 16:00.

Contract the flu

The Director of Immunizations of Minsa reminded the population of the importance of being protected against other viral infections that increase in winter, such as influenza, and for which the Ministry of Health also has effective, safe and free vaccines.

“Under the ‘I am vaccinated, Peru’ campaign, the Ministry of Health has been intensifying vaccination against influenza and pneumococcus. We are in the cold season, of low temperatures and we must protect ourselves”.

Children under 3 years of age must be vaccinated twice against influenza. In the case of children under 1 year of age, they receive two doses: at 6 months and at 7 months.

Children 1 to 3 years old receive a single dose. From 3 years onwards, the influenza vaccine is indicated for people with some comorbidity, such as those over 60 years of age, people with asthma, the obese, those with heart disease or a respiratory problem that requires protection against this infection.

Pregnant women can also receive it, starting at 20 weeks of pregnancy.

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Published: 7/16/2022

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