Four Villages in Banjaranyar Ciamis Declare ODF Villages

ODF Banjaranyar Ciamis village
Declaration of four villages in Banjaranyar District, Ciamis Regency, West Java. Photo: Suherman / HR

Ciamis News, (,– Four villages in Banjaranyar District, Ciamis Regency, West Java declared an ODF (Open Defecation Free) Village in the Sindangrasa Village Office Hall, Thursday (09/04/2021).

The four villages are Sindangrasa Village, Cigayam Village, Kalijaya Village and Cikaso Village. By holding the status as ODF Village, the four villages are free from open defecation.

This means that in the four villages there are no more people defecating in any place, such as in the open.

Head of UPTD Puskesmas Cigayam, Ari Angga Rianto said, the ODF Declaration is an effort to change people’s behavior in terms of defecation habits.

The declaration is considered important, because later the Village Government can show and remind its citizens to follow healthy behavior such as the declared commitment. The same is true for migrants who enter the four villages in Banjaranyar who hold the status of the ODF Village.

“This ODF status will change behavior that has a direct impact on environmental health. Either the local village, or in the villages around it. So that the ODF village environment is truly healthy, and free from dirty habits to be clean, “he explained.

Ari said that the four villages that had declared themselves and had the status of ODF Villages were villages that had gone through a series of struggle processes.

Initially starting from the commitment and declaration as a village that has the readiness to accelerate the acceleration of the achievement of ODF.

Furthermore, the Village Government has a strong intention and willingness to realize a village that is free from behavior and is no longer defecating in the open or in any place.

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“The benefits of the ODF status of a village are closely related to the prevention of contracting various infectious diseases. This disease is a result of environmental pollution. Water is also not healthy because it contains germs and bacteria, ”explained Ari.

Ari added that these germs and bacteria are the causes of infectious and dangerous diseases. Diseases caused by defecating in the open such as diarrhea, typhus, hepatitis, intestinal worms. Including other acute and chronic digestive disorders.

“So it is important that all villages in the Banjaranyar sub-district become ODF Villages,” he said. (Suherman / R7 / HR-Online)

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