Four suspects arrested in investigation into Belgian helicopter hijacking | NOW

The police have made four arrests in the investigation into the hijacking of a helicopter in Deurne, Belgium, last Friday. The Antwerp public prosecutor’s office confirms this on Sunday VRT NWS. The perpetrators may have wanted to use the hijacked helicopter to attempt an escape from a Brussels prison, but they failed.

It is still unclear who exactly was arrested and what their role is in the hijacking, writes the news medium.

The helicopter was hijacked by three armed men. The three had booked the helicopter some time ago with a rental company. When booking, the men indicated that they wanted a large helicopter, suitable for six people and a pilot with a lot of experience.

Once in the air, the men threatened the pilot and forced her to fly to the prison south of Brussels. The plane circled above the prison for some time, but flew away when a police helicopter appeared. The helicopter landed in a parking lot in Heilissem, where the perpetrators fled.

Whether the hijackers tried to free someone from prison is as yet unknown.


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