Four people died in a plane crash in Russia

As a result of the crash of the L-410 plane in the taiga of the Irkutsk region four people died. This was announced by the operational headquarters, quoted by TASS. “Three passengers and one pilot died. The second pilot is in a state of shock,” the source said.

The rest 12 people were injured.

We remind you that The L-410 landed heavily earlier today in the region of Irkutsk region. There were 14 people on board, including two crew members. The Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations confirmed the information about the hard landing.

An error or technical problem caused a plane crash in Russia

There are 16 people on board the plane, there are no reports of deaths

The Transport Prosecutor’s Office in Eastern Siberia has launched an investigation into the crash.

Crew error due to poor visibility and engine damage. These are the versions we are working on.



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